FAZUA was founded in 2013 in Munich, Germany. Since then, the Bavarians have followed their goal of revolutionizing the e-Bike market.
The team around CEO`s Johannes Biechele and Marcus Schlüter present an innovative e -Bike drive system which is directed towards sportive demands and, at the same time, creates a natural feeling of non-motorized bike riding.
The unique, slim design and light weight of just 3,3 kg combines motor, battery and electronics in one drivepack. Therefore, bike manufactures can create frames that integrate the drivepack elegantly and discreetly within the down tube.
One of the many reasons why bicycle companies rely on the FAZUA evation drive system is a special clutch that separates the motor and bottom bracket when riding faster than 25 km/h. Riders can then pedal without feeling any resistance from the motor, using only their muscle power. With the FAZUA evation drive system, sportive riders only gain support when they need it most. So whenever starting or when facing uphill passages or headwinds, the system smoothly supports the rider.
A further unparalleled feature of the evation drive system, besides its light weight and the almost invisible integration within the frame, is its exceptional natural riding feeling with support. The drivepack can be added and removed with one click to allow a quick switch from a bike to a pedelec whenever you want.

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