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Brose ebike drives
The Brose Drive product family offers specially designed drives for diverse requirements of e-bikers.

Brose Drive C – City Champion
Brose Drive T – Long-distance Runners
Brose Drive TF – Sprinters
Brose Drive S – Summiteers

A question of type The current product range consists of two drive models – in the form of the tried-and-tested aluminium platform paired with one variant each in a magnesium housing. The aluminium drives can be installed 360 degrees around the bottom bracket in any position and offer manufacturers complete flexibility in the integration into the bicycle frame. The drives in the innovative magnesium housing are 500 grammes lighter and 15 per cent smaller than the variants made of aluminium.

Drive S Mag Tech Specs


Weight2.900 g

204 x 150 x 155 mm (horizontal)

198 × 150 × 137 mm (vertical)

Rated voltage36 V
Continuous rated power250 W
Torque90 Nm
Maximum assistance410 %
Assistance up to25 km/h
Walk assist up to6 km/h

Brose Display Allround – for design lovers

Elegantly shaped: The Brose Display Allround is the stylish all-in-one solution. The functions are displayed on a 1.5 inch colour screen. The convex screen can be mounted flexibly on the right or left of the handlebars and nestles seamlessly next to the shifter or grip. Six specially emobossed control buttons offer a sure feel and are ergonomically positioned for optimum ease of use. For optimal and quick readability, the selection of data to be displayed can be set individually.

Brose Display Remote – for purists

Fans of undisturbed design lines and consistent purists get their money’s worth with the Brose Display Remote. All important functions such as the assistance level, light and walk assist are stored in six easy-to-feel keys. An LED light strip in the slim but robust housing delivers information about the battery charge, level of assistance or walk assist. From stylish city bike to sporty emountain bike, the smallest Brose display hugs the handlebar and provides as much information as needed in as little space as possible. Anyone who wants more values displayed at a glance also uses the Brose Display Central.

Brose Display Central – for the curious

Everything in view: The Brose Display Central guarantees the optimum overview. The very big picture is delivered by the Brose Display Central with 3.5 inch colour screen. Thanks to the central position of the display on the handlebar, the rider has a perfect view of the personalised values. The Brose Display Central works together with the Brose Display Remote, which serves as a practical control unit. For a clear indication, the LEDs of the Brose Display Remote switch off in this combination.

Brose Battery 630

The Brose Battery 630 is optimally synced with the entire Brose Drive product family. Connected to the specially developed, very robust Brose standard plug, it has a nominal capacity of 17 ampere-hours at 36 volts, providing an energy storage capacity of 630 watt-hours. The housing, made of black anodised aluminium, is robust and scratch-resistant.

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