The lightest and most compact drive system in the industry
Lightweight, integrated, natural, hybrid: evation is the lightest and most compact mid-mounted drive system around. Thanks to the slim in-tube solution, bikes fitted with evation have a non-motorized overall appearance. A unique natural riding feel with no mechanical resistance above the legal speed limit makes our system perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a brisk ride. And with our Downtube Cover, you can even ride your bike without any electric assistance at all.

The evation drive system
With a total weight of 4.6 kg, evation is probably the most discreet mid-mounted eBike system on the market.

The Drivepack includes an integrated motor and electronics and also houses the battery. Simply slide the battery into place and then insert the whole unit into the downtube. The choice is yours: Use the motor and battery for extra power or remove them to ride 3.3 kg lighter. Go real hybrid!

Power: 250 W
Weight: 1.92 kg (without battery)
Drivepack: Removable
Peak power: 450 W

The Bottom Bracket is an angular gearbox fixed to the bike and includes integrated electronics for a two-sided torque measurement and additional cadence measurement. It ensures that the drive system delivers assistance naturally while also transmitting power efficiently. Thanks to the optimized gearing, you can enjoy a resistance-free ride or pedal without any drivepack at all.

Torque: 55 Nm
Weight: 1.31 kg

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